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Best Anonymous Search Engines



  • DuckDuckGo - DuckDuckGo is one of the best anonymous search engines of 2019 that will not track you. They never track you or sell your information to advertisers.
  • HotBot


  • HotBot - HotBot is a private anonymous search engine that will never store your information. They feature private browsing on the web, videos, and images.
  • LookSeek


  • LookSeek - LookSeek is a no tracking search engine that covers websites, jobs, maps and classifieds.
  • Lukol


  • Lukol - Lukol is another no tracking search engine that will not store your information. They use cookies to target you with ads.
  • QWant


  • Qwant - QWant is a private anonymous search engine that respects your privacy. They feature private browsing on the web, search results from social media, images ,videos, and from online shopping sites.
  • Search Engine 1

    Search Engine 1

  • Search Engine 1 - Search Engine 1 is a Google powered search engine. Our default search engine is is a great place for search results and web images.
  • StartPage


  • StartPage - StartPage is a Google powered private search engine without any tracking. They claim to give equal access to search results instead of what google wants you to see.
  • Basic Search Engines



  • Abbreviations - Abbreviations is your best bet for acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms.
  • Acronym Finder


  • Acronym Finder - Acronym Finder is very similar to Abbreviations in that you can find acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms.
  • Active Search Results


  • Active Search Results - Active Search Results is an internet search engine using a proprietary page ranking technology. You can increase your submitted websites rank by giving them a backlink.
  • Anoox


  • Anoox - Anoox is a non-profit search engine. You can ask questions on Anoox and get answers from the millions of people who use the site. This non-profit search engine has close to 2.2 million members.
  • Answers


  • Answers - A great answers search engine. Ask questions and get the best possible answer from other users.
  • AOL


  • AOL - Aol was the king of the internet but has lost its title to the likes of Google and Yahoo. Aol is still a great place for email and searching in general though.
  • Archive


  • Archive - Archive is a cool site to look up old capture of websites from the past. You can find music and videos as well.
  • Ask


  • Ask - Ask is another answers search engine that will find the answer you are looking for. Ask has been around for over 20 years now.
  • BBC


  • BBC - BBC is a British news site portal. is a very high-end site with news, weather and more from Britain and from around the world.
  • Bing


  • Bing - Bing is #2 in the United States only to the monster Google. Bing has teamed up with Yahoo to be more competitive with Google search.
  • Blackle


  • Blackle - Blackle is pretty much a clone of Google with the only difference being that the background is black. Apparently using the black background saves energy.
  • Dogpile


  • Dogpile - Dogpile is a meta search engine that gets results from Google, Yahoo!, and Yandex. Dogpile covers the basics you find in a general search engine like search the web, video, images etc...
  • Driver Search


  • Driver Search - Driver Search is a custom search engine that finds online drivers for any hardware you need.
  • Ecosia


  • Ecosia - Ecosia is a green search engine that takes the profit they make to plant trees around the world.
  • Ehow


  • Ehow - Ehow is a how-to search engine. They have thousands of how-to guides to help you get stuff done.
  • EntireWeb


  • EntireWeb - EntireWeb is a meta search engine that provides millions of search results every day across the globe.
  • Excite


  • Excite - Excite is a portal with many features such as: weather, a meta search engine, web-based email, instant messaging, stock quotes, and a customizable user homepage.
  • GigaBlast


  • GigaBlast - GigaBlast is a mix of a search engine and a general directory that is very easy to submit your website to.
  • GoGuides


  • GoGuides - GoGuides is a mix of a search engine and a general directory where you can search for information or just stop by to submit your website.
  • Google


  • Google - Google is the number one default search engine right now. With Google you can sign up for email aka GMail, search the web or use Googles webmaster tools to help with your website.
  • IMDB


  • IMDB - IMDB is a great place to find information on movies, tv shows, actors, voice actors and much more when it comes to entertainment.
  • Info


  • Info - A meta search engine in London. Info pulls the best search results from Google and Yahoo.
  • InfoSpace


  • InfoSpace - InfoSpace is a meta search engine that looks pretty similar to Google search. InfoSpace has been around since 1996.
  • Jayde


  • Jayde - Jayde is a business Search Engine. Jaydes business search engine also has a directory listing to submit your site to.
  • Kartoo


  • Kartoo - A meta search engine and general directory hybrid which displays a visual interface. You can add your website for free if you link back to them.
  • LemmeFind


  • LemmeFind - LemmeFind is a Google powered search engine. They pull results from Google and have a pretty similar design.
  • Lycos


  • Lycos - Lycos is a network of search, email, web hosting, social networking, and entertainment websites.
  • MasterSeek


  • MasterSeek - Denmark based search engine founded in 1999. MasterSeek is a business search engine that lets you find a business around the globe.
  • MetaCrawler


  • MetaCrawler - MetaCrawler grabs search results from Google, Yahoo!, Bing,,, MIVA, LookSmart and other popular search engine programs.
  • MSN


  • MSN - MSN is a portal for Microsoft. Find search, news, maps and weather at the MSN homepage.
  • MyWebSearch


  • MyWebSearch - Mywebsearch is another Google powered search engine the grabs results from Google.
  • NetScape


  • NetScape - NetScape is a search engine and portal owned by Aol. They have many categories to browse such as entertainment, news and auto.
  • NewsLookUp


  • NewsLookUp - A news search engine that find news headlines from the past all the way up to today.
  • OneLook


  • OneLook - OneLook is a dictionary search engine that indexes sites from across the web. This dictionary search engine has over 1000 dictionary websites indexed to pull search results from.
  • Plazoo


  • Plazoo - Plazoo is a RSS search engine that looks for news and information in thousands of feeds. This RSS search engine can bring you up to the second news from around the world as it happens.
  • Pronto


  • Pronto - Pronto is a search engine that ranks its search results based on how much they were paid by advertisers.
  • Secret Search Engine Labs


  • Secret Search Engine Labs - Secret Search Engine Labs offers family safe search results at your fingertips.
  • Social-Searcher


  • Social-Searcher - Social-Searcher is a free social media search engine that lets you find results from millions of social media feeds around the world.
  • Social Mention


  • Social Mention - Social Mention is a social media search engine that gathers results from a pool of indexed social media sites.
  • Social Seeking


  • Social Seeking - Social Seeking is a social media search engine that searches user-generated content from across the internet.
  • Spezify


  • Spezify - Spezify is a visual search tool, providing results from different websites and search engines. They require flash.
  • UKisDomains


  • UKisDomains - UKisDomains is an online catalogue of domains that are for sale by UK internet sites.
  • WebCrawler


  • WebCrawler - Webcrawler is a meta search engine that grabs the top search results from Google search and Yahoo search to find the best results for you.
  • Websta


  • Websta - Websta lets you search for Instagram users and hash tags.
  • WhatUSeek


  • WhatUseek - WhatUseek has search, a web directory, siteLevel, changeAlarm, and more.
  • WolframAlpha


  • WolframAlpha - A unique search engine for computing answers and providing knowledge.
  • WotBox


  • WotBox - WotBox scours the internet to discover new and updated pages.
  • Yahoo


  • Yahoo - Is an Internet portal that incorporates a search engine and a directory of World Wide Web sites organized in a hierarchy of topic categories. Yahoo has teamed up with Bing to bring you better search results.
  • Yippy


  • Yippy - Is a leading search engine providing results and topics for research and discovery on any topic you are looking for.
  • You Got The News


  • You Got The News - You Got The News is a free newspaper search engine for US press releases, national news, business news, and local news. One of the best newspaper search engines in the world.
  • Yummly


  • Yummly - Yummly is the ultimate cooking search engine. This cooking search engine brings you thousands of user submitted recipes to find the perfect thing to make for dinner.
  • Image Search Engines



  • IconFinder - IconFinder image search engine lets you search for SVG, PNG, CSH and AI format files. They have an icon editor to create your own custom icons.
  • Picsearch


  • PicSearch - PicSearch image search engine claims to have over 3,000,000,000 pictures in their index. They are very similar to googles image search.
  • TinEye


  • TinEye - TinEye is a reverse image search engine. You can find out where your picture or images are linked to on the internet.
  • Twicsy


  • Twicsy - Twicsy has over 7,000,000,000 pictures that have been gathered from social media sites to search. You can search for pictures or browse by category.
  • International Search Engines



  • Amidall - Amidall is a German based search engine. Even though this is a German based search engine they still give results in English.
  • Baidu


  • Baidu - Baidu is a Chinese search engine and the 2nd largest search engine in the world only behind Google in users. Speaking of google Baidu is pretty similar in appearance.

  • - is a Russian search engine. All results are in Russian if you can read that.
  • Goo


  • Goo - Goo is a Japanese search engine and portal powered by google. Goo is the #1 Japanese search engine in Japan.
  • Najdi


  • Najdi - Majdi is a Slovenian search engine and web portal created by Interseek. They have news, weather, horoscopes and more.
  • Naver


  • Naver - Naver is a South Korean search engine and web portal. They have news, weather, pictures and more all in Korean.
  • Rambler


  • Rambler - Rambler is a Russian search engine and one of the biggest Russian web portals. They have Russian news and videos on the latest topics across the country.
  • SearchCH


  • SearchCH - SearchCH is a Search engine and web portal for Switzerland. You can find local weather, news and videos from Switzerland.
  • Seznam


  • Seznam - Seznam is a web portal and search engine in the Czech Republic.
  • Virgilio


  • Virgilio - Virgilio was the first web portal ever in Italy. They have their own search feature and email for Italy.
  • Walla


  • Walla - Walla is an Israeli search engine and web portal run by Google. This Israeli search engine has the latest news from Israel.
  • Yandex


  • Yandex - Yandex is the largest search engine on the internet in Russian. Yandex has a ton of features like email hosting, maps, translation, video and images.
  • Job Search Engines

    Career Builder

    Career Builder

  • Career Builder - Career Builder has been helping people from around the world find a job since 1995. You can browse through hundreds of jobs, get career advise, explore careers post your resume and more.
  • Craig's List

    Craigs List

  • Craig's List - Craig's List offers job listings for every major city in the United States. You can also find many other services and talk to people from your area.

  • - allows you to post your resume and search through posted job listings. You can also search to find skilled employees for your business.


  • Eluta - Eluta is a Canadian jobs search engine that allows you to browse job postings from cities and provineces all across Canada. Eluta has jobs from Canada's top 100 employers.
  • Incruit


  • Incruit - Incruit is one of the largest job search engines in Korea. If you are looking for a job in Korea this is the place to find one.


  • Indeed - Indeed has thousands of jobs listed by category to browse through. You can post your resume, see company reviews, find salaries, find resumes and more.

  • - is polish jobs portal. They have over 10,000 jobs posted at one time based on location.
  • JobsDB

  • - is a jobs search website covering, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and many more countries. You can browse jobs by industry and get company reviews.

  • - has over 87,000+ jobs listed in the United States alone. You can search through employers, recruiters, listings and more.
  • Monster


  • Monster - Monster is one of the largest job search engines in the world. They can help you find a job in your part of the world. You can also get career advice from experts at the top 100 companies hiring now list from Monster.

  • - is India's #1 job site. You can search through job postings, find government jobs, international jobs, walk-in jobs and more.

  • - lets you skim through over 7 million job postings. you can upload your resume and have employers contact you directly.

  • - helps you build your own resume. You can search from over a million job postings and use tools like salary estimator and more.

  • - has job listings for everywhere in the world. Select your country and browse through millions of posted jobs or find people to hire.

  • - is the #1 site in the United States for finding jobs that pay over 100k a year. Search through jobs, get advice and more.
  • Kids Friendly Search Engines



  • Kiddle - Kiddle is a visual search engine for kids powered by Google. Kiddle offers family safe search results with very powerful filtering.
  • KidRex


  • KidRex - KidRex is a kid safe search engine powered by Google. Safe for kids of all ages.
  • Safe Search Kids


  • Safe Search Kids - Safe Search Kids is a kid safe search engine using Google's SafeSearch features with filtering added to block potentially harmful material.
  • Video Search Engines



  • DailyMotion - DailyMotion is a video-sharing technology platform. They have user submitted videos as well as professional videos. They have a lot of topics to browse through like news, sports and entertainment.
  • MeFeedia


  • MeFeedia - MeFeedia is a media search website founded in 2004 that features videos, TV shows, movies, and music among other material. They also have user submitted video as well.
  • Veoh


  • Veoh - Veoh is a video search engine. It allows users to find and watch the latest tv shows, movies, anime and more. They also have user submitted content too.
  • Youtube


  • YouTube - YouTube is #1 by a wide margin if you are looking for videos to watch on the internet. Youtube has millions of user generated videos that are fun to waste your time on.
  • Directories List

    Business directories list



  • Amfibi - Amfibi is a business directories list the lets you browse by state of country for business information. They have a wide variety of industries to browse through.
  • Bizeurope


  • Bizeurope - Bizeurope is a European business directory list. They have a lot of categories of businesses to browse through. They also have a lot of free resources for you to use.
  • Bpubs


  • Bpubs - Bpubs is a directory that covers business publications. Search or browse for the publication that you are looking for.
  • Britain Business Directory


  • Britain Business Directory - Britain Business Directory is an UK business directory list. They have around 1000 submitted businesses and are currently allowing you to submit your own website.
  • BusinessSeek


  • BusinessSeek - BusinessSeek is a business directory list. You can submit your site for free or pay a fee to get your business featured.
  • DirectorySeo


  • DirectorySeo - DirectorySeo is a business directory with many categories to browse. If you own your own business website you can submit it here for free and get it listed.
  • EziStreet


  • EziStreet - EziStreet is a free Australian business directory. They have free and paid website submission.
  • Free To Prank


  • Free To Prank - Free To Prank is a business directory that allows you to submit your website or articles to their directories. All submissions are free.
  • Hot vs Not


  • Hot vs Not - Hot vs Not is a premium web directory that is updated by humans. They are free to submit your website to.
  • MvomRat


  • MvomRat - MvomRat is a business directory that has website and article submission. You can submit your site for free or pay a small fee to get your site featured.
  • Ranaf


  • Ranaf - Ranaf is a business directory open since 2011. They have free and paid website submission services.
  • Website Submission Directories List



  • 1WebsDirectory - 1WebsDirectory is a website submission directory where you can submit your website to the proper topic for free or for a fee. They have plenty of categories and the site has a very nice design.
  • 9Sites


  • 9Sites - 9Sites is a website submission directory with over 1000 submitted sites and counting. Submit your website for free or for a small fee to get featured.
  • 10Directory


  • 10Directory - 10Directory is a human edited, spam free web directory. Submit your your website for free or for a few dollars you can get your site featured.
  • 247WebDirectory


  • 247WebDirectory - 247WebDirectory is a human edited web directory to submit your website to. They have free and paid services for your site.
  • A1WebDirectory


  • A1WebDirectory - A1WebDirectory is a web directory that you can submit your site to. Website submission is free but they also have an express review for a fee.
  • Ajdee


  • Ajdee - Ajdee is a regularly updated and maintained web directory. Ajdee is not free and costs $25 to submit your website.
  • All Free Things


  • All Free Things - All Free Things is a free website submission directory for adding your site to. They have a paid service as well too.
  • Best Free Websites


  • Best Free Websites - Best Free Websites lets you submit top 5 lists for free or pay for a featured list.
  • Blogflux


  • Blogflux - Blogflux is a free blog submission directory that has over 150,000 blogs indexed. Sign up and add your own blog for free.
  • Bloghints


  • Bloghints - Bloghints is a blog web directory with free and paid submission services. Submit for free today.
  • Bloglisting


  • Bloglisting - Bloglisting is a free blog submission directory with tons of categories to browse or submit your blog to. They have free and paid submission services.
  • BlogSwirl


  • Blogswirl - The BlogSwirl directory currently has 400 user submitted blogs and 36 categories. Submit your blog for free or a small fee.
  • Blogtopsites


  • Blogtopsites - Blogtopsites allows you to submit your blog for free and start getting traffic. Sign up for free to submit your own blog.
  • Bocaiw


  • Bocaiw - Bocaiw is a general web directory with free website submission. Submit your website today.
  • Botw


  • Botw - Botw aka Best of the Web is a general website submission directory to add your site. Submission to Best of the Web is not free and has a yearly fee.
  • Cipinet


  • Cipinet - Cipinet offers website submission for free. They also have premium services ranging from $25-$100.
  • DirectoryFire


  • DirectoryFire - DirectoryFire is a free website directory founded in 2005. In order to get your website submitted for free you have to call a phone number or you can pay a fee to get listed.
  • Directory-Free


  • Directory-Free - Directory-Free offers free website and blog submission to their directories. They also have a paid service as well.
  • Directory Vault


  • Directory Vault -Directory Vault is a free web directory that has been online since 2005. They have free website submission and premium services.
  • Elite Sites Directory


  • Elite Sites Directory - Elite Sites Directory is a free web directory list founded in 2018. Submit for free, or you can link back to them or pay for faster submission.
  • Elly's Directory


  • Elly's Directory - Elly's Directory is a free general web directory with site submission and plenty of categories. You must backlink to them to get added.
  • Exact Seek


  • Exact Seek - Exact Seek is a search engine and directory that you can submit your website to for free. You can also pay a fee to get your website listed in the top 10 for your category.
  • Fuel My Blog


  • Fuel My Blog - Sign up at Fuel My Blog to add your blog for free to their directory. They have thousands of blogs to browse through.
  • Gain Web


  • Gain Web - Gain Web is a human-edited directory with free site submission. You can also add your site for a fee for faster inclusion.
  • H-Log


  • H-Log - H-Log is a free SEO directory list. Submission is free and they also have a paid service as well.
  • Happal


  • Happal - Happal is a free general web directory founded in 2007. You can add your site for free to one of their many categories.
  • High Rank Directory


  • High Rank Directory - High Rank Directory is a marketing directory. Submit your site or articles for free.
  • Home Page Seek


  • Home Page Seek - Home Page Seek directory has been around since 1999. You can add your site for free or have it highlighted for a month for $10.
  • Illumirate


  • Illumirate - Illumirate has over 600 sites listed across 450 categories. Site submission is 100% free.
  • Info-Listings


  • Info-Listings - Info-Listings lets you submit your url for free. They also have a paid featured service for $30.
  • Information Crawler


  • Information Crawler - Information Crawler is a free web directory active since 2011. Submit your website free or pay up to $9 for more features.
  • InfoTiger


  • InfoTiger - InfoTiger is a free website directory founded in 1998. Submit your website for free. You can add adult websites here too.
  • Intel Seek


  • Intel Seek - Intel Seek is a search directory for you to submit your web site url for free. You can also pay to advertise your site as well.
  • Jewana


  • Jewana - Jewana is a free website directory active since 2007. Submission is free and the site is sorted by most popular.
  • Joeant


  • Joeant - Joeant is a Directory of quality sites launched in 2001. You can submit your website for free in a variety of categories.
  • LDMstudio


  • LDMstudio - LDMstudio web directory has free website submission. They also have a premium service as well.
  • Link Centre


  • Link Centre - Link Centre is an international internet directory and search engine that has been online since 1996. Submission is free or you can pay up to $450 for their premium service.
  • Linkroo


  • Linkroo - Linkroo is a free link directory with nearly 40,000 links. Linkroo costs $2 to submit your link or up to $20 for featured links.
  • Links Maximum


  • Links Maximum - Links Maximum is a web directory with thousands of websites. Submit your website for $40.
  • Marketing Internet Directory


  • Marketing Internet Directory - Marketing Internet Directory has lets you submit your site for free. You can speed up the process of getting added by back linking them.
  • Nexus Directory


  • Nexus Directory - Nexus Directory allows link and article submission. Link submission cost is around $7 for the cheapest service.
  • OBLN


  • OBLN - OBLN is a free web directory which categorizes user submitted links. Submit your site today for free or pay $16 to get a featured link.
  • One Million Directory


  • One Million Directory - One Million Directory is an internet & business directory. Submit your website for free or pay $75 for their premium services.
  • Online Society


  • Online Society - Online Society is a free online directory that has been around since 2012. Submit your url for free or pay $40 to get your site added quicker.
  • On Top List


  • On Top List - On Top List lets you add or browse blogs and websites. Submit both for free.
  • Pegasus Directory


  • Pegasus Directory - Pegasus Directory is a free general web directory. They have 3 types of website submission; free, featured and lifetime.
  • Picktu


  • Picktu - Picktu is a web page directory that lets you submit your website to the proper topic. Website submission is free.
  • Piseries


  • Piseries - Piseries is a free website link directory. Submission is free or you can pay to become a sponsor.
  • Pr3Plus


  • Pr3Plus - Pr3Plus is a free directory list. They have nearly 20,000 links and allow you to submit your site for free or pay for a better position.
  • Pro Link Directory


  • Pro Link Directory - Pro Link Directory allows you to submit your link for free. You can also pay for a lifetime guaranteed link.
  • Redo Zone


  • Redo Zone - Redo Zone is a shopping, travel, news, and sports directory that has been around since 1999. You can add a url to the proper category for free.
  • Search Turtle


  • Search Turtle - Search Turtle is pay to add web directory and search engine. The cost of adding your site is $8 for a single link up to $40 for deep links.
  • Site Promotion Directory


  • Site Promotion Directory - Site Promotion Directory has free and paid site submission. The cost for featured links is about $9.
  • Sites-Plus


  • Sites-Plus - Sites-Plus is a general web directory that lets you suggest a site for free. You can of course pay a fee to add your site as well.
  • So Much


  • So Much - So Much is a link directory where you can add your site at no cost. You can pay to make sure your website is guaranteed to be added.
  • Spillbean


  • Spillbean - Spillbean is a blog and website directory. Submission of your blog is about $25 to get added.
  • Submission Web Directory


  • Submission Web Directory - Submission Web Directory lists websites in relevant categories and allows you to add your site for free. You can also purchase a featured link for $6.50.


  • - is a human edited general directory. You can add your site for free or pay up to $25 for a top spot.
  • Synergy-Directory


  • Synergy-Directory - Synergy-Directory currently has over 8000 in their directory and are accepting new sites everyday for $7.99 - $14.99.
  • Top Sites Web Directory


  • Top Sites Web Directory - Top Sites Web Directory has over 5000 sites with 13 million clicks. Submission is free.
  • Travel Tourism Directory


  • Travel Tourism Directory - Travel Tourism Directory lets all sort of sites related to travel, vacations and tourism be submitted to this travel directory. They have free submission and a featured link service for $15.
  • Us Geo


  • Us Geo - Us Geo is a free web directory active since 2013. Submit your site for free or pay $20 for a lifetime link.
  • Vie Search


  • Vie Search - Vie Search has over 2 million submitted sites across one thousand categories. Submit for free or pay $28 to skip the wait.
  • W3Catalog


  • W3Catalog - W3Catalog is a web directory featuring quality websites under organized categories. Add your site for free or pay $40 to get your site added within the next two business days.
  • Word Press Blog Directory


  • Word Press Blog Directory - Word Press Blog Directory is a blog directory with over 700 active links. Login to submit your blog or website.
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