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The best map websites with alternatives to Google maps.

Online Maps, Directions and Apps.

Africo Maps

Africo Maps

  • Africo Maps - Africo Maps has maps of Africa and shows you places of interest across the country.
  • Baidu Maps

    Baidu Maps

  • Baidu Maps - Baidu Maps has maps of the country of China. You can get directions to your destination, check out satellite views of the country or zoom in for street views.
  • Bing Maps

    Bing Maps

  • Bing Maps - Bing Maps lets you get driving directions, view live traffic conditions, and zoom in for a street side view. They also have aerial satellite images to check out too.
  • Bhuvan


  • Bhuvan - Bhuvan has the best maps of the country of India. They highlight many points of interest and comes in 4 different languages.
  • CentaMap


  • CentaMap - CentaMap has detailed maps of Hong Kong. CentaMap shows high quality tourist spots, public transportation, and lots of restaurant locations.
  • Click2map


  • Click2map - Click2map is an app that offers you free unlimited interactive maps. You can add up to 100 markers with the latitude and longitude of the location you marked.
  • Clustrmaps


  • Clustrmaps - Clustrmaps is a widget for your website that shows you where your website traffic is coming from. Clustrmaps is 100% customizable and offers many valuable stats.
  • Earthquake Maps


  • Earthquake Maps - Shows up to the minute earthquake locations across the united states and from around the world. They also have information on past earthquakes to read about.
  • FlightAware


  • FlightAware - Flight Aware is a online flight tracking service. Track live flight across the United States. You can also check departure and arrival times as well.
  • GeoPunt


  • GeoPunt - Geopunt has maps of Belgium. You can get road maps and zoom in for street side views as well.
  • goDCgo


  • goDCgo - GoDCg shows you places to easily get public transportation. You can easily plan your route and search by location.
  • Google Maps

    Google Maps

  • Google Maps - Google Maps lets you get very detailed directions to help you get to your destination. You can easily find restaurants, hotels, bars, coffee shops, gas stations, hospitals, post offices and much more. You can also zoom in and take an interactive drive around the map.
  • Google Mars


  • Google Mars - Google Mars lets you get an interactive maps of the red planet Mars. You can view regions, plains and mountains of the red planet Mars.
  • Health Map


  • Health Map - Health Map shows local outbreaks of diseases that you should know about. They are updated daily and should be checked out when traveling across the world.
  • Mail Box Map

    Mail Box Map

  • Mail Box Map - Mail Box Map shows the nearest blue USPS mailbox. You can also find the local pickup times for each box too.
  • Map Builder

    Map Builder

  • Map Builder - Map Builder lets you pin locations and share them your your website. They make it very easy to share events with your friends and family.
  • Map My Hike


  • Map My Hike - Map My Hike lets you plan out your hike on their app. It has great hiking trail locations all across the world.
  • Map My India


  • Map My India - Map My India gives you free maps of India. Find out about local traffic, places to eat and the best tourist spots in the country.
  • Map My Ride


  • Map My Ride - Map My India gives you access to street views across the globe on their app. Get directions to your location with the app.
  • Map My Run


  • Map My Run - Map My Run shows you interactive maps of great places to run across the globe. Find great running trails with the app.
  • Map My Walk


  • Map My Walk - Map My Walk helps you find the greatest places to take a nice stroll around your city. They have nice locations to view while you are on your walk.
  • MapQuest


  • MapQuest - Mapquest allows you to enter your location and the location to your destination and fetches the best directions for you. They also show points of interest and even show hotel deals.
  • Open Street Map


  • Open Street Map - OpenStreetMap Shows street views around the world that is for all people to use.
  • QQ Map


  • QQ Map - QQ Map has free maps of China. Offers route planner and is available on android and iOS.
  • Road Trippers


  • Road Trippers - Road Trippers lets you plan out road and camping trips. They show you great places to visit like national parks and scenic routes. They also have weird places to visit in America guides.
  • Signal Map


  • Signal Map - Signal Map shows you the greatest place to get a signal for your cell phone. They also show dead spots with little signal across the country.
  • Terra Server


  • Terra Server - Terra Server has billions of satellite images and aerial photos to purchase. You can try their service for 3 days for no cost.


  • - lets you check traffic flows, jams and more in cities around the world. You can find shortcuts to skip traffic jams near you.
  • >WikiMapia


  • WikiMapia - With WikiMapia you can zoom in and click on any area to receive historical data on that location.
  • Yahoo Maps

  • Yahoo Maps - Yahoo Maps allows you to get driving directions to any location in your country. They also have very detailed traffic and satellite views too.
  • Yandex Maps


  • Yandex Maps - Yandex Maps has free maps of Europe. You can find directions to local transportation, tourist attractions, city views and more for online or on the mobile app.
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