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The best online music streaming sites you can find.

Free Online Music Streaming Sites

All Music

All Music

  • All Music - All Music has a large library of free songs to listen to. Their free service does have ads but their paid service is ad free.
  • Audiomack


  • Audiomack - Audiomack offers free genre playlists to listen to. Get the app on the the Google Play or App store to listen to the top trending songs and albums out right now.
  • CCTrax


  • CCTrax - CCTrax has free albums of many different genres to choose from. They also have videos you can watch on their site.
  • Free Music Archive

    Free Music Archive

  • Free Music Archive - Free Music Archive has free legal songs to listen to. They also give the latest news in the industry.
  • Google Play Music

    Google Play Music

  • Google Play Music - Google Play Music has over 40 million tracks to listen to. You can upload up to 50k of your own songs to their app. They also have radio stations to listen to as well.
  • iHeartRadio


  • iHeartRadio - iHeartRadio offers thousands of the best free radio stations to listen to. They have any genre you could possibly imagine and it is 100% free.
  • Internet Archive Audio

    Internet Archive Audio

  • Internet Archive Audio - Internet Archive Audio is a non-profit collection of audio. They have old time radio programs, audio books, podcasts, new albums and much more to listen to.
  • Jamendo


  • Jamendo - Jamendo offers free songs and albums to listen to from independent artists. Browse their library or listen to their online radio stations.
  • Jango


  • Jango - Jango offers free internet radio with very few ads. Choose your station by genre or search for a particular artist.
  • Live365


  • Live365 - Live365 offers internet radio stations to listen to online. You can even create and host your own radio station.

  • - has the latest news as well as streams to listen to. They bring you Youtube streams to listen to and show you places to download great tracks.
  • Myspace Music

    Myspace Music

  • Myspace Music - Myspace Music lets you stream online tracks for free with limited ads. Easily find your favorite artists and albums to listen to.
  • NoiseTrade


  • NoiseTrade - NoiseTrade has thousands of free legal downloads from aspiring new artists. They also have a nice selection of books to check out too.
  • Pandora


  • Pandora - Pandora offers ad supported radio stations that are personalized for you. If you want to skip the ads and listen in higher quality you can get a plus or premium account for just a few bucks a month.
  • Playlist


  • Playlist - Playlist is a social media app that lets you and your friends listen to free tracks together. Download for free on the App store.
  • Shoutcast


  • Shoutcast - Shoutcast is a directory of free radio stations you can listen to. Browse tons of genres and find the station of your choice.
  • Slacker


  • Slacker - Slacker Radio has free internet radio stations to listen to. They also have weekly shows you can stream online too.
  • SoundClick

  • SoundClick - SoundClick offers free songs from independent artist to listen to. They also have a premium service that has better quality. If you are an artist you can sell your stuff here.
  • SoundCloud


  • SoundCloud - SoundCloud has free tracks and podcasts to listen to. Listen to up and coming artists tracks at no cost to you.
  • TuneIn


  • TuneIn - TuneIn is all about sports radio. Get sporting news, live game broadcasts and more from your favorite sports.
  • Yahoo Music

    Yahoo Music

  • Yahoo Music - Yahoo Music brings you the latest in news and reviews. They don't really have any songs to listen to unfortunately though.
  • Youtube


  • Youtube - Youtube has millions of songs and albums to watch and listen to. You can pretty much find any genre possible and watch and listen without ads if you use ad blocker.
  • Paid Online Music Streaming Sites



  • 8tracks - 8tracks offers ad free playlists to create and listen to for $4.99 a month. They offer a 14 day free trial if you want to try them out.
  • Bandcamp


  • Bandcamp - Bandcamp has plenty of tracks and albums to download. Sign up to start downloading your tracks today.
  • BeatPort


  • BeatPort - BeatPort has thousands of DJ tracks to download. They have tons of genres and the average cost is about $2 per track..
  • Bleep


  • Bleep - Bleep offers physical and digital downloads of new and old songs. They have worldwide shipping and shipping is free if you are in the UK.
  • Deezer


  • Deezer - Deezer has 53 million tracks to choose from and offers a 30 day free trial to check them out. They cost $9.99 per month and you can cancel your service at any time.
  • eMusic


  • eMusic - eMusic offers great prices on independent sound artist from around the world. You can download singles or full albums from them.
  • iTunes


  • iTunes - iTunes is one of the most popular paid music streaming sites that lets you download tracks, movies and tv shows to your Mac or PC. They offer a free three month trial that you can cancel at anytime.

  • - is a service that lets you find the songs you want to download. Premium accounts are ad free and they do offer a limited amount of free songs to download as well.
  • Magnatune


  • Magnatune - Magnatune has a one time fee of $299 that allows you unlimited downloads to their library of songs. They have a large selection of hard to find songs that you can share with your family once you have signed up.
  • Midomi


  • Midomi -Midomi is a community that lets you download songs and watch videos. You can sing or hum a song and their songs search engine might be able to find it for you.
  • Napster


  • Napster - Napster is now a radio service. You can try them out free for 14 days. They have two plans to choose from. One is $4.99 per month and is ad free and the other is $9.99 per month and lets you download and listen to songs offline.
  • PayPlay


  • PayPlay - PayPlay is an online store from Ukraine. They offer a good selection from many genres at cheap prices.
  • Reverb Nation


  • Reverb Nation - Reverb Nation is a service that lets artist sell their songs. They have free and paid services with or without ads.
  • Spotify


  • Spotify - Spotify offers you millions of songs to listen to. Spotify premium is now bundled with Hulu and costs $12.99 per month.
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