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Get a free email account with these awesome email providers in 2019.

Free Email Account Providers

10 Minute Mail


  • 10 Minute Mail - 10 Minute Mail is the best disposable account that last for 10 minutes. A really nice way to avoid spam with the best disposable account on the web.
  • AOL


  • Aol - Get an Aol account for no charge. Aol has features like virus and spam protection to keep your account private. They also have POP and IMAP to sync to a third-party app.
  • Aussiemail


  • Aussiemail - Aussiemail is a provider in Sydney Australia. They offer 250gb of storage with the ability to send files up to 25mb in size. They also have an zero ads premium service.
  • Disroot


  • Disroot - Disroot offers a encrypted service. They also offer 4gb of cloud storage. Create a free account.
  • Gmail


  • Gmail - Gmail is a mail service by Google. You can create your own custom theme and view attachments instantly.
  • GMX mail

    GMX email

  • GMX mail - GMX features: mail collection, address book, organizer, and storage. GMX is supported by ads if that bothers you.
  • iCloud

    iCloud email

  • iCloud - A iCloud account gives you up to 5GB storage. Users can access iCloud from Apple's Mail, on the Mac, or on an iOS device.
  • Inbox

    Inbox email

  • Inbox - Inbox offers 5gb of storage space,spam and virus protection, POP3, IMAP, and SMTP Access. Open a new account today!
  • Juno

    Juno email

  • Juno - Juno offers access from any computer or mobile phone. You can make as many addresses as you wish. They also have virus and spam protection too.
  • LockBin

    LockBin email

  • LockBin - LockBin offers: password-free secure messages, password encrypted messages, you can store messages 6 months, AES-256 bit encryption and much more.


  • Mail.Com - Mail.Com has over 200 unique domain names to choose from. Send attachments up to 50mb in size. Also has a mail check application and organizer.
  • email

  • - Mail.Ru group is the largest provider in Russia. They offer: an unlimited mailbox size, delivery of attachments up to 20 GB in size , protection from virus and spam, awesome themes and more.
  • Mailfence

    Mailfence email

  • Mailfence -
  • Mailfence is a no tracking service with no advertising. Mailfence is based in Belgium which has some of the most strict privacy laws to protect your account and information.


    NetCourrier email

  • NetCourrier - NetCourrier is a European mail service with tons of features. You can send e-mails, check for viruses and block spam. Create a free account.
  • Netzero

    Netzero email

  • Netzero - Netzero lets you make as man addresses as you wish. You can access your account on pc or mobile.
  • Outlook

    Outlook email

  • Outlook - Outlook is a Microsoft service. It can be integrated with other services like Gmail.
  • Protonmail


  • Protonmail - Protonmail is a service based in Switzerland. The offer private addresses that protect your privacy.
  • QQMail


  • QQMail - QQMail is based in China and offers 2GB of storage. You can access your account easily on an android based device.
  • Rediff

    Rediff email

  • Rediff - Rediff offers 1 gb of storage to members. You get access to POP3 and IMAP protocols.
  • Tutanota

    Tutanota email

  • Tutanota - Tutanota is a service based in Germany. They are an open source provider that prioritizes your security.
  • Yandex

    Yandex email

  • Yandex - Yandex offers free storage up to 10gb. They are also offer virus protection and block spam .
  • Yahoo mail

    Yahoo email

  • Yahoo mail - Yahoo mail lets you sign up for an account with virus and spam protection. You can access yahoo mail from your mobile device.
  • Paid email account providers

    Amazon Workmail

    Amazon Workmail

  • Amazon Workmail - Amazon Workmail is a professional provider that offers 50gb per user for $4 per month and is one of the most top rated paid accounts for business email.
  • AtMail


  • AtMail - AtMail is a cloud based provider that you can try for free before deciding on buying their service. They have large amounts of space and offers spam protection and security.
  • FastMail


  • FastMail - FastMail currently has 3 paid plans ranging from $3-$9. You can get anywhere between 2gb-100gb of space.
  • HushMail


  • HushMail - HushMail offers secure service at a price of $50 per year for personal use. They also offer business email from $5.99 to $7.99 per month.
  • Kolabnow


  • Kolabnow - Kolabnow offers accounts for about $4.57 per month for one user. You can also purchase a group account that costs $5.58 per month.
  • Lycos

    Lycos Mail

  • Lycos - Lycos professional addresses offer 3 pricing plans. $4.95 per month, $19.95 per year and $49.95 per three years. With these accounts you get 5gb of storage, no ads and POP and IMAP access.
  • Rackspace


  • Rackspace - Get a professional address at Rackspace for about $2 a month. They guarantee 100% uptime and 25gb of space.
  • Runbox


  • Runbox - Runbox offers 4 pricing plans starting at $19.95 per year up to 79.95 per year. You get up to 100 aliases per account and up to 25gb of storage.
  • Zoho


  • Zoho - Zoho offers a standard plan at $3 per month that has 30gb of storage. They also offer a professional plan that 100gb of storage.
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