List of top email providers

Free email providers


  • 10 Minute Mail - 10 Minute Mail offers a free disposable email account that last for 10 minutes. A really nice way to avoid spam with the best free disposable email account on the web.

  • Aolmail

  • Aol email - Aol email lets you create a free email address. Aol easily avoids email spam and keep your account private. They also have POP and IMAP to sync to a third-party app.

  • Aussiemail

  • Aussiemail - Aussiemail is a free email provider in sydney australia. They offer 250gb of staorage with the ability to send files up to 25mb in size. They also have an ad free premium service.

  • Disroot""

  • Disroot - Disroot offers a free encrypted email service. They also offer 4gb of free cloud storage.

  • Gmail

  • Gmail - Gmail is a free email service by Google. You can create your own custom theme and view attachments instantly.

  • GMX email

  • GMX mail - GMX mail is a free email service. GMX features: mail collection, address book, organizer, and storage. GMX is supported by ads if that bothers you.

  • iCloud email

  • iCloud - A iCloud email is a free account that gives you up to 5GB storage for your emails. Users can access iCloud email from Apple's Mail, on the Mac, or on an iOS device.

  • Inbox email

  • Inbox - Inbox offers 5gb of storage space,spam and virus protection, POP3, IMAP, and SMTP Access. Open a new email account for free today!

  • Juno email

  • Juno - Juno offers free email access from any computer or mobile phone. You can make as many email addresses as you wish. They also have virus and spam protection too.

  • LockBin email

  • LockBin - LockBin offers: email support, password-free secure messages, password encrypted messages, you can store messages 6 months, AES-256 bit encryption and much more.

  • Mail.Com

  • Mail.Com - Mail.Com has over 200 unique domain names to choose from. Send attachments up to 50mb in size. Also has a mail check application and organizer for your email.

  • email

  • - Mail.Ru group is the largest free email provider in Russia. They offer: an unlimited mailbox size, delivery of email attachments up to 20 GB in size , protection from virus and spam, awesome themes and more.

  • Mailfence email

  • Mailfence -
  • Mailfence is a no tracking email service with no advertising. Mailfence is based in belgium which has some of the most strict privacy laws to protect your emails and information.

    NetCourrier email

  • NetCourrier - NetCourrier is a european mail service with tons of features. You can send e-mails, check emails for viruses and block spam.

  • Netzero email

  • Netzero - Netzero lets you make as many email addresses as you wish. You can access your account on pc or mobile.

  • Outlook email

  • Outlook - Outlook is Microsofts free email service. It is 100% free and can be intergrated with other email services like Gmail.

  • Protonmail

  • Protonmail - Protonmail is a free email service based in Switzerland. The offer free private email addresses that protect your privacy.

  • QQMail

  • QQMail - QQMail is based in China and offers 2GB of storage. You can access your account easily on an android based device.

  • Rediff email

  • Rediff - Rediff offers 1 gb of storage to free members. You get freea access to POP3 and IMAP protocols.

  • Tutanota email

  • Tutanota - Tutanota is a free email service based in Germany. They are an open source email provider that prioritizes your security.

  • Yandex email

  • Yandex - Yandex offers free email with storage up to 10gb. They are also virus and spam free.

  • Yahoo email

  • Yahoo mail - Yahoo mail lets you sign up for a free email account with virus and spam protection. You can access yahoo mail from your mobile device.

Professional email providers

    Amazon Workmail

  • Amazon Workmail - Amazon Workmail is a pProfessional email provider that offers 50gb per user for $4 per month.

  • AtMail

  • AtMail - AtMail is a cloud based email provider that you can try for free before deciding on buying their service. They have large amounts of space for your email and offer spam protection and security.

  • FastMail

  • FastMail - FastMail currently has 3 paid plans ranging from $3-$9. You can get anywhere between 2gb-100gb of space.

  • HushMail

  • HushMail - HushMail offers secure email at a price of $50 per year for personal use. They also offer business email from $5.99 to $7.99 per month.

  • Kolabnow

  • Kolabnow - Kolabnow offers email accounts for about $4.57 per month for one user. You can also purchase a group account that costs $5.58 per month.

  • Lycos Mail

  • Lycos - Lycos professional email addresses offer 3 pricing plans. $4.95 per month, $19.95 per year and $49.95 per three years. With these accounts you get 5gb of storage, no ads and POP and IMAP access.

  • Rackspace

  • Rackspace - Get a professional email address at Rackspace for about $2 a month. They guarantee 100% uptime and 25gb of space.

  • Runbox

  • Runbox - Runbox offers 4 pricing plans starting at $19.95 per year up to 79.95 per year. You get up to 100 email aliases per account and up to 25gb of storage.

  • Zoho

  • Zoho - Zoho offers a standard plan at $3 per month that has 30gb of storage. They also offer a professional plan that 100gb of storage.

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