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The best sites to stream anime free online.

Watch anime online free



  • 9Anime - 9Anime has over 40 genres of series to choose from. They have daily updates to English dubbed series and host the classics as well. They also have a schedule that shows when the latest releases are being aired in Japan.
  • AniLinkz


  • AniLinkz - AniLinkz has over 1000 series to pick from. They regularly update new ongoing series and have a nice collection of OVA's as well. They also have cartoons to watch as well.
  • Anime Dao

    Anime Dao

  • Anime Dao - Has up to date popular series. They update as soon as new episodes are available and have over 1000 shows to choose from.
  • Anime Freak

    Anime Freak

  • Anime Freak - Has popular new and old series and movies in their collection. The site is updated daily and has manga available as well.
  • Anime Heaven

    Anime Heaven

  • Anime Heaven - Has popular English dubbed series such as Dragonball Super. They of course have subbed shows and movies as well and have up to the minute updated releases.
  • AnimeLab

    Anime Lab

  • AnimeLab - Has well known series such as Dragonball and Naruto but they are available in Australia and New Zealand only!!
  • Anime Nova

    Anime Nova

  • Anime Nova - Has a large collection of new series and manga to choose from. They also have an assortment of cartoon shows to choose from as well.
  • Anime Park

    Anime Park

  • Anime Park - Has ongoing series updated daily. They also have thousands of shows that you can batch download.
  • Anime Pill

    Anime Pill

  • Anime Pill - Watch up to the minute releases of raw episodes as well as subbed eps. They have a variety of shows to choose from for free.
  • Anime Plus

    Anime Plus

  • Anime Plus - Has popular movie, cartoon and manga releases. They update daily and have a large amount of content to pick from.
  • Anime Reborn

    Anime Reborn

  • Anime Reborn - Has over 40,000 episodes to watch with out the need to register. They have a lot of genres to pick from and also carry movies as well.
  • Anime Rush

    Anime Rush

  • Anime Rush - Has a wide selection of new series and movies that updated as the shows come out. They also have a forum to check out if that is your thing.
  • Anime Show

    Anime Show

  • Anime Show - Has high quality episodes of the newest releases. They have many genres to choose from and have the option to randomly select a series to watch.
  • Anime Sub

    Anime Sub

  • Anime Sub - Has over 2000 series to watch at the moment. They are always updating ongoing series and have a nice collection of movies as well.
  • Anime Tube

    Anime Tube

  • Anime Tube - Is a free German streaming site. If you are looking for a German site this is your best bet.
  • Anime Ultima

    Anime Ultima

  • Anime Ultima - Carries some English dubbed shows and has a ton of subbed episodes to choose from. They also have their own discord too.
  • Anime XD

    Anime XD

  • Anime XD - Has alot of trending series to watch. Watch in high quality and browse their giant list of shows.
  • AnimoTime


  • AnimoTime - Has lots of tv shows to choose from and have a collection of movies as well. They also have a forum if you are into that kind of thing.
  • Chia-Anime


  • Chia-Anime - Has subbed shows, manga, movies, soundtracks, and asian dramas for mobile to watch. They are up to date and have a large variety of genres to pick from.
  • Eye On Anime

    Eye On Anime

  • Eye On Anime - Has the latest trending episodes to stream. They also have movies, OVAs and cartoons also.
  • GoGoAnime


  • GoGoAnime - GoGoAnime has dubbed new releases to watch. They also have manga of ongoing series as well too.
  • Good Anime

    Good Anime

  • Good Anime - Has new releases of your favorite shows to watch on pc or mobile. They also have manga and dubbed series too.
  • KickAssAnime


  • KickAssAnime - KickAssAnime has a release schedule of subs and dubs that is updated every day. You can watch the newest season or request for something they may not have.
  • KissAnime

    Kiss Anime

  • KissAnime - KissAnime is one of the most popular websites to stream online. They also have a nice selection of manga and support mobile users too.

  • - lets you can stream online from home. They have a schedule of new releases and are always up to date.
  • Naruto Get

    Naruto Get

  • Naruto Get - Naruto Get is all about Naruto. Watch Naruto English dubbed, watch subbed episodes, read the manga or you can also watch cartoons too.
  • Neo Neko

    Neo Neko

  • Neo Neko - Neo Neko is a great place to watch subbed series in almost any language. They have a large amount of series and a lot of movies too.
  • NW Anime

    NW Anime

  • NW Anime - Lets you watch trending shows online for free. They also have a large database of older series to watch as well.
  • Otaku-Streamer


  • Otaku-Streamers - Otaku-Streamers is a community of fans that has the latest series to stream. they have their own blog and discussion too.
  • Sidereel


  • Sidereel - Sidereel is not 100% an animation site however they do have a lot of well know series to watch for free.
  • Veoh Anime

    Veoh Anime

  • Veoh Anime - Has a small collection of older Japanese animation shows to watch if you are looking for a classic to watch.
  • Viewster


  • Viewster - Viewster has a smaller collection of older shows to watch but they also have a lot of original stuff as well to watch.
  • Watch Cartoon Online

    Watch Cartoon Online

  • Watch Cartoon Online - Watch Cartoon Online has a lot of cartoons and Japanese animation to choose from. They also have a large amount of movies and OVAs as well.
  • Subscription based sites to watch anime online

    Anime News Network

    Anime News Network

  • Anime News Network - Has a smaller collection of popular series that you can buy and stream on their website. ANN is also one of the best places to get news in English in the world.
  • Crunchyroll


  • Crunchyroll - Crunchyroll is a subscription based service that brings you new releases in subbed within a short amount of time after they are shown on tv in Japan. They also have manga, forums and a store as well.
  • Funimation


  • Funimation - Funimation has a lot of English dubbed series to stream or buy. They have a nice shop with toys, apparel, figures and a lot more.
  • Hulu


  • Hulu - Hulu is a subscription based service that has a nice collection of new and old series to watch. They of course also have a lot of other shows and movies to watch as well.
  • Netflix


  • Netflix - Netflix has a decent collection of dubbed and subbed series to watch. They have a pretty cheap subscription fee and have a lot of other stuff to watch too.
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